Double Zinc Exc-Inc capsule (2x30pcs)

3.980 Ft

Complex immune boost!
Quercetin has a potent immune-boosting and broad-spectrum antiviral effect.
It has three main mechanisms of action:
– Inhibition of the cell’s ability to infect cells.
– Inhibition of replication of already infected cells.
– Reduction of antiviral drug resistance in infected cells.
Zinc maintains the integrity of cells, essential for protein synthesis, DNA production. It is the most important trace element in the control of infections.
The acetylated alpha-glucan, uniquely found in AHCC, is formed during the cultivation of fungal mycelium and, due to its low molecular weight, is more easily absorbed compared to higher molecular weight beta-glucan. Glucans are polysaccharides that have an immunostimulatory effect.