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Xylitol sweetener (200g)

Xylitol sweetener (200g)


Xylitol – A low calorie and tooth friendly sweetener.
Compared to sugar, xylitol contains 40 percent fewer calories.
By consuming xylitol, blood sugar levels in diabetics can remain steadily low because xylitol is slowly absorbed and converted in the body.
Xylitol enhances the feeling of satiety and through it can also help you lose weight.


Xylitol is  a natural sugar that, in addition to its pleasant taste, even has extremely beneficial health effects.

Xylitol is also present in the human body, in tissues. It can also be extracted from fruits, vegetables, corn cobs and birch bark thanks to the discovery of the Finns. It has been used in food production since the 1960s.

Based on continuous clinical trials for thirty-five years, xylitol is the best sweetener for teeth.
Unlike the 5-carbon structure, it is the traditional sugars and sweeteners consumed by the majority of people, which are made up of 6-carbon sugars. These C 6 sugars can be broken down by bacteria in the mouth, resulting in the formation of the acid responsible for cavities. Unlike these sugars, xylitol, due to its five-carbon structure, cannot be used by bacteria in the mouth, so they are unable to produce the acids responsible for tooth decay.

Tests have also shown that xylitol provides long-term protection against tooth decay.
Studies have also shown that xylitol is effective in reducing the risk of ear and facial inflammation. When the bacteria that cause infections enter the body, they stick to the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, where they begin to multiply, causing the disease to develop.
Due to its chemical structure, xylitol is able to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria, thus helping the natural defense system.

Xyilitol, gelatin.

They can also be consumed by diabetics because their glycemic index is very low, only 7.
The threshold for laxative effect is 45 g per day in children and 15-200 g in adults. When using xylit, therefore, an increased increase in volume during the first 2-4 weeks is recommended before completely replacing the sugar.

Do not exceed the recommended amount.
Consuming larger amounts has a laxative effect!

It has a carbohydrate content of 75% and a calorie content of 40% lower than sugar.
1g energy content: 10kJ (2.4kcal).
A dietary supplement is no substitute for a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle!

– 200 g, 100 pcs.