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TimeXCell Premium Life Capsule (250pcs)

TimeXCell Premium Life Capsule (250pcs)


The lifespan of an otherwise healthy person is limited by the depleting telomere. Astragalus root activates the enzyme telomerase. EGCG Helps prevent telomere shortening. Red Flavonoid extract increases telomerase activity.


TimeXCell Premium Life Capsule

A telomer is a segment of multiple repeats at the end of the DNA that makes up a chromosome. At each cell division, when a copy of the chromosome is created, a portion of the telomer is not copied, so the telomeres will be shorter with each division.
When the length of the telomere decreases to a critical size, the cell is killed. It follows that the longer the telomer, the more the cell can divide, and the shorter the telomer, the less the cell can divide.

Cellular Aging:
Chromosomes are shortened by about 50-150 nucleotides during each division. This is called the end replication problem. Lifestyle, daily stress accelerates telomere shortening. This observation creates a direct relationship between the aging effect of daily load and cell aging determined by telomere length. The lifespan of an otherwise healthy person is limited by the depleting telomere.

The enzyme telomerase prolongs the shortened telomeric phase during cell division, thereby increasing the number of possible divisions. The gene responsible for the production of the enzyme telomerase is there in the DNA of the cells that make up the body.

Astragalus root:
– An herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years.
– Has immune-boosting properties.
– Antioxidant effect.
– Activates the enzyme telomerase.

Green Tea extract – EGCG:
– High polyphenol content.
– Antioxidant effect.
– Helps brain and heart function.
– Helps prevent telomere shortening.

Red Flavonoid extract:
– Flavonoid concentrate with a unique composition.
– Outstanding antioxidant effect.
– Cardiovascular support.
– Increases telomerase activity.

Longer telomeres help to:
– Slow down aging.
– In the preservation of the youthful body and soul.
– Increasing physical and mental activity.
– Achieving a higher quality of life.

– 20, 100, 250 capsules.