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Sea buckthorn capsules (100pcs)

Sea buckthorn capsules (100pcs)


Sea buckthorn was used by Tibetan doctors in China more than a thousand years ago to treat a variety of diseases.


Among the fruit bushes living in our country, the sea buckthorn berry contains the most vitamins C (500-900mg / 100g), in addition to other vitamins (B, E, F), microelements (Ca, Mg, Zu, Ti), organic acids, and unsaturated fatty acids enrich its contents.
Sea buckthorn has a vitamin E content (202.9 mg / 100 g fruit) higher than that of wheat, corn and soybeans.

Recent research highlights water-soluble yellow flavonoids, valuable vegetable oils and fats, and their beneficial physiological effects.

– Protects and strengthens the immune system.
– Degreasing effect.
– Increases your metabolism to help maintain optimal weight.
– It has a beneficial effect on gastric and duodenal ulcers, protects the liver, inhibits hair loss and slows down the formation of wrinkles.
– Strengthens connective tissue, thereby reducing the formation of cellulite.

Fruits are rich in carbohydrates, protein, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins. The vitamin C content is outstanding, which is ten times the vitamin C content of lemons.
The concentration of vitamin C in sea buckthorn fruit is higher than in strawberry, kiwi, orange, tomato, carrot, and hawthorn fruit.

Sea buckthorn was used by Tibetan doctors in China more than a thousand years ago to treat a variety of diseases.
A VIII. was recorded as a classic Tibetan medicine in “Si Bu Vidian” at the end of the 19th century.
Sea buckthorn is less well known to the general public in Hungary, despite the fact that this noble plant has been found along our larger rivers for thousands of years.

Today it is also grown in parks and gardens, for this purpose a shrub plant from Tibet and Russia is used, since its beneficial effects were first discovered in Eastern medicine.

Sea buckthorn extract, Flavin 7bioflavonoid complex (red grape seed-husk drying; sorghum seed-husk drying; blackberry seed husk drying; black cherry husk drying, blackcurrant husk husk drying, redcurrant husk shelling .
Capsule coating: dye (titanium dioxide), gelatin.
The capsule can be pulled apart and the contents can be consumed without it.

Nutrients in the recommended daily intake
1 capsule2 capsules
Sea buckthorn extract300 mg600 mg
Total polyphenols3.3 mg6.6 mg
Of which: Flavonoid2.3 mg4.6 mg

Recommended use:
1 capsule / day, as well as max. 2 capsules / day.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
A dietary supplement is no substitute for a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle!


– 100 pcs, 250 pcs