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Olimpiq StemXCell Pyramid cream natural (5ml)

Olimpiq StemXCell Pyramid cream natural (5ml)


Breakthrough with plant stem cell proliferation formula active in slowing down aging.


Breakthrough with plant stem cell proliferation formula active in slowing down aging.

Stem cell research has already yielded a number of promising results for skin regeneration. Tissue-specific (unipotent) stem cells in the epidermis of the skin are able to create new cells through which the skin regenerates.
Their activity decreases significantly with advancing age. Swiss researchers have demonstrated that plant stem cells are able to regenerate skin connective tissue by protecting skin tissue stem cells from harmful oxidative (UV radiation, environmental effects) processes so they can remain able to divide.

It has been noticed from a Swiss apple variety, Malus domestica, that it stays much longer than other apple varieties. This apple is well known for its long shelf life without wrinkles. The longevity is due to the special composition of the apple.
Rich in a variety of phytonutrients, proteins and undifferentiated stem cells. Its stem cells live longer than the average plant omnipotent cells.
Like humans, plants need stem cells for the wound healing mechanism. Utilizing this property of plants, plant stem cells can be concentrated and extracted.

One study showed that topical application to the skin reduced the number and depth of wrinkles by 8% after as little as two weeks. After four weeks of use, the aforementioned symptoms of skin aging were reduced by 15%.

The use of plant stem cells in this cosmetic product can ensure the longevity of the skin cells. Plant stem cells help skin cells to regenerate and protect regenerating stem cells from harmful oxidative processes, thus extending the lifespan of skin stem cells. Plant stem cells have the ability to slow down the aging of the skin, make the skin youthful, fresh and velvety.

This revolutionary cosmetic contains an active, anti-aging plant cell culture that:
– is 100% plant-based, organic.
– Maintains the maximum lifespan of skin stem cells.
– Delays the aging of skin cells.
– Preserves the youthful appearance and vitality of the skin.

What is a stem cell?
Stem cells are non-specialized cells capable of an unlimited number of divisions and self-regenerations, which form cells similar to themselves and also produce progeny cells.
– The higher the stem cell level, the better the tissue regeneration.
– They are essential for the maintenance and repair of tissues.
– As we age, the number of stem cells produced decreases significantly, which means that the body’s ability to regenerate itself begins to decline.
– Because stem cells represent the body’s ability to regenerate, our goal can only be to multiply their numbers.

The higher the stem cell level, the better the tissue regeneration.

Olimpiq SXC, the other formula.
The formulation contains the active ingredients of Olimpiq SXC, the first and unique natural adult stem cell proliferator.
Natural stem cell proliferation helps to master the aging process.

The most important beauty effect of gold is that it stimulates the renewal of skin cells, has a positive effect on their life cycle, and helps them to function healthily. It can have a positive effect on the skin detoxification process by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

Strong antioxidants that inhibit harmful oxidative processes, thus protecting cells from degenerative effects. They increase the permeability of capillaries, improve blood circulation, thus helping to supply the skin with nutrients, vitamins and oxygen.

Hyaluronic Acid:
Binds moisture in the skin, thus immediately restoring the fullness of the facial skin. It fills in facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, furrows in the areas between the eyebrows, and makes the facial skin firmer and more supple.

Coenzyme Q10:
Detoxifies, protects cells, binds harmful free radicals, thus delaying the aging process.


One of the most important components of skin connective tissue.
As you age, due to collagen deficiency, wrinkles appear, cellulite, dry skin, nails and hair become matte. With collagen, however, this process can be slowed, stopped, and even reversed.

Recent research on skin stem cells:
Dutch and Swedish scientists have conducted research on mice to find the stem cell from which all other skin cells can be created, the stem cell being found to live in the hair follicles. The researchers believe that their findings could lead to significant advances in promoting wound healing and ensuring the success and potential of skin graft plastic surgery for severely burn victims.
Stem cell from skin, skin from stem cell. This is the essence of the new method of healing ulcers and burns that are difficult to heal in Szeged. There are a lot of skin stem cells in the hairy scalp, deep in the hair follicles, and with this sampling method we can access these stem cells. In the solution formed from the skin cells thus obtained, if there are many stem cells, these cells can produce a lot of growth factors and are able to retain their ability to divide for a long time – says Dr. Gábor Szabad, assistant professor at the Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University of Szeged.

PhytocelltechTM (Mallus Domestica), Aurum (Colloidal Gold), Olimpiq SCX ExtractTM, Flavin7 Bioflavonoid ComplexTM.

Instructions for
use : Use on dry wiped skin, wait until absorbed.
Do not get in eyes. If so, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water.

Retains its quality:
12 months.

– 5 ml.