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Myco Crystal Judas Mushroom Capsules (30pcs)

Myco Crystal Judas Mushroom Capsules (30pcs)


Its use as a good immune system stabilizer and anti-arterial calcification has also led to good results. It has been used regularly to treat eye infections. It is also used to treat cancers when mixed with sealing wax powder.


Myco Crystal Judas Mushroom Capsules

Fungi : Contrary to popular belief, fungi do not belong to plants, but form a distinct group of living beings on an equal footing with plants and animals. The number of known fungal species on Earth is around one hundred thousand, but it is assumed that as yet unknown species can account for three to four times that.

Fungi synthesize a number of biologically active metabolites, some of which are specifically beneficial to human health. Just as we know herbs, so do healing fungi.
Several groups of fungi produce medicinal substances. Of these, antibiotic-producing microscopic molds (e.g., penicillium) are more widely known. Very important drugs are produced from the plant parasitic plant parasitic rye (Claviceps purpurea), which contains more than a hundred biologically active compounds.

The effects of
medicinal fungi on the human body are divided into four major groups: – Antibiotic-producing large fungi.
– Fungi for circulatory diseases.
– Fungi acting against immunostimulatory vascular cancer.
– Cholesterol-lowering fungi.

The fungus as a human food:
The amino acid composition of fungal proteins is nutritionally favorable (better than that of plants).
– Fungi contain all 20 protein-forming amino acids, including essential amino acids (which the body cannot produce).
– Their high fiber content increases intestinal motility.
– Significant source of vitamins B and D and potassium and phosphorus – medicinal and immune-boosting substances.

Judas ear (Auricularia auriculajudae): Known
and used in folk medicine in the 19th century – for the treatment of complaints, including sore throats, sore eyes. Today, it is a popular mushroom in Chinese medicine.
– Research has shown that the use of Judas ear fungus is also a good stabilizer of the immune system and anti-calcification of arteries.
– In Hungarian folk medicine, it was regularly used to cure eye infections by tying the fungus to the patient’s eyes.
– Its dried and powdered form, mixed with the powder of the sealing wax fungus, is also used to treat cancer.

Recommended use:
3X1 capsules / day.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to this mushroom, there are many other mushrooms in the Myco Crystal product family.

– 30 pcs, 100 pcs, 250 capsules.