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Maxima capsules (100pcs)

Maxima capsules (100pcs)


It increases the production of the strongest male sex hormone testosterone, enhances sexual desire and performance, improves physical and mental performance.


Be shamelessly happy …

A complex of fruit concentrate of the herb Tribulus terestris (watermelon) and the flavonoids of sorghum.
– Increases the production of the strongest male sex hormone, testosterone.
– Increases sexual desire and performance.
– Improves physical and mental performance.
– Can help sort out low sperm count.

It supports the regeneration of the lining of the uterus, so its consumption is recommended after childbirth and in the last days of menstruation.
Due to its cleansing effect, it can also be used in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Rich in strong plant saponins, plant flavonoids and antioxidants.

Tribulus Terestris – Watermelon:
A plant widespread throughout the globe.
In China, it has been traditionally used to enhance libido and male sexual performance for more than 400 years.
It has been used in some parts of Europe for centuries to increase sexual desire, to treat impotence.

– Studies show that the plant significantly stimulates the production of sex hormones in the body, including an increase in testosterone by 30%.
In animal experiments, already in 30 days, it significantly increased the number and motility of sperm.
– It strengthens the nervous system by eliminating the deposits that form in certain parts of the nerve pathways that inhibit the conduction of stimuli.
– Stimulates brain function, has an energizing effect.
– Helps with “poisoned” emotional states, thus keeping the mind in a state of equilibrium and also relieving inhibition.
– Helps the body cleanse the blood, remove uric acid, fats and undigested substances.
– By removing deposits and poisons, it has a blessing effect, because in this way the free flow in the body and mind can start again.

Flavin7 bioflavonoid complex (red grape seed-husk drying, sorghum seed-husk drying, blackberry seed husk drying, black cherry husk drying, blackcurrant seed husk drying, redcurrant seed husk drying, plum husk drying, plum husk), plum husk root extract, vitamin D3 (colecalciferol), gelatin (capsule cover), Tribulus terrestis (watermelon) herbal extract.

Amount of active ingredients in the recommended daily dose:

1 capsule3 capsules
Tribulus terrestis (watermelon leaf extract)100 mg300 mg
Total polyphenols:
Of which: – flavonoid
Of which: – resveratrol
6.67 mg
4.67 mg
0.003 mg
20 mg
14 mg
0.009 mg

Suggested use:
– 3×1 capsules / day. Swallow with plenty of water.

– 100 capsules.