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Inulion Forte Fructose (120pcs)

Inulion Forte Fructose (120pcs)


Recommended for anyone who needs an Inulion capsule, complete with three more categories!


Who do we recommend it to?
For almost everyone!

Recommended for anyone who needs an Inulion capsule, complete with three additional categories:

For alcohol  addicts and quitters:
Fructose , which makes up insulin , speeds up the breakdown of alcohol, acetaldehyde. (30 grams of fructose increases the oxidation of alcohol by 50%).

In old age, the so-called II. types of diabetes:
II. Obesity and insulin resistance play an essential role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Both can be affected by the inulin content of the capsule. In addition, the absorption of fructose is slower and faster incorporated into the liver in the form of glycogen (a reserve nutrient). Because of these, it is less likely to cause extreme blood sugar fluctuations. Therefore, it is especially recommended for labile diabetics.

Juvenile, so-called For type 1 diabetics:
Because up to 80 grams of fructose in the body is utilized without insulin, the insulin requirements of these diabetics are expected to decrease.

The composition of the Jerusalem artichoke meal, which is the main ingredient in Inulion capsules, is:
– 15-20% carbohydrate – this complex carbohydrate is in the form of inulin, which contains simple sugar, fructose
– 2% protein
– 2.5% vegetable fiber
– minerals, mainly potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus
– trace elements
– vitamins C and B, ß-carotene (vitamin A)
– essential amino acids
In addition, Inulion capsules also contain flavonoids, naturally occurring ionized minerals.

For the healthy:
The vitamins, trace elements, minerals and essential amino acids contained in it help maintain fitness, and its fiber content binds toxic and harmful substances.

For Athletes:
Vitamins and minerals, as well as inulin, along with fructose, and an important substance, phosphorus, together help muscle function, increase muscle strength, reduce muscle fatigue, and thus increase performance.

Nervous, tense, psychically exhausted:
A rushed, stressful life, lack of exercise, poor nutrition in quality and quantity lead to a decrease in insulin sensitivity, which in turn leads to hyper-insulism. Stabilizing slightly higher insulin levels causes a decrease in blood sugar, which can result in irritability, aggression, and nervous system lability. Due to the inulin and fructose content of the capsule, it is able to reduce insulin resistance, so this leads to a decrease and normalization of the increased insulin level, thus relieving the tension.

Patients with chronic, prolonged diseases:
Due to the content of Flavin7, trace element, vitamin, mineral, and inulin, fructose as a carbohydrate source, the metabolism and regeneration of cells improves, and the body’s defense strength increases.

People with abdominal complaints and constipation: The capsule is rich in fiber, and inulin has a good water-binding ability, which makes the intestinal function even, eliminates constipation.

For those who want to lose weight:
Due to its high plant fiber content and the good water-binding ability of inulin and fibers, it causes a feeling of fullness as a ballast material, which reduces the feeling of hunger and improves intestinal function.

Overweight, obese:
During the metabolism of adipose tissue deposited during obesity, large amounts of free fatty acids are released, which leads to insulin resistance, hyperinsulinism, which increases the rate of obesity. Due to the inulin and fructose content of the capsule, it reduces the amount of free fatty acids, which leads to a decrease in insulin secretion, i.e. hyperinsulinism, and thus can lead to weight loss.

Fructose, Jerusalem artichoke dried, vitamin C, gelatin, sorghum kernel-shell meal, dye (titanium dioxide).
The capsule can be pulled apart and the contents can be consumed without it.

Active ingredient in the recommended daily intake:

1 capsule2 capsules
Fructose100 mg200 mg
Jerusalem artichoke drying80 mg160 mg
Vitamin C80 mg * RDA 100%160 mg * RDA 200%

* RDA is the recommended daily allowance for adults.

Recommended use:
1 capsule / day, as well as max. 2 capsules / day.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.

– 120 pcs