Green Coffee – Slim Green Coffee Extra Capsules (30pcs)

Green Coffee – Slim Green Coffee Extra Capsules (30pcs)


One of the main ingredients in green coffee is chlorogenic acid, which is also known to have fat-burning, hunger-reducing and antioxidant effects.


Green Coffee – Slim Green Coffee Capsules

Its active ingredients can contribute to the effectiveness of a weight loss diet.
By providing proper diet and exercise, you can help maintain a healthy body fat composition.

Coffee is the most popular enjoyment item worldwide today!

History of coffee:
According to one story, the invigorating effect of coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd named Chaldi in 300 BC, who noticed that if his goats grazed the red berries, they would be much more lively. ? This he told the monks living nearby, who realized that if the seeds were roasted, they could make a delicious drink.

– Around 1000 Avicenna, one of the greatest figures of medieval Muslim thought, also used coffee as a medicine.
– In the first decades of the 16th century, it was already known to the inhabitants of Syria and Egypt.
“The first cafes in Istanbul opened in the 1550s, and their number grew rapidly. The custom of coffee came to Europe in the 17th century. The first European café opened in 1624 in Venice under the name La Bottega del Caffé.

Coffee processing:
– The berries are harvested by hand.
– Cleaning, maturation.
– Drying.
– Removal of flesh from the eyes.
– Further cleaning.
– Selection.

What’s wrong with roasting?
Roasting well? Occurs above 200 ° C. At this temperature? hundreds of carcinogens ,? carcinogenic substance is formed!
The population of Hungary consumes 15 million cups of coffee per day, which means 25 million kg of roasted roasted material per year. Same problem with toast and caramelized sugar.

Green Coffee –  Without Roasting :
Caffeine in green coffee does not work in the same way as in black coffee, as the former is slower but lasts longer and is not roasted compared to the traditional process, so it contains those substances (polyphenols) also, which increase the support of the immune system, protect cells from harmful effects.

Chlorogenic acid:
One of the main ingredients in green coffee is chlorogenic acid, which is also known to have fat-burning, hunger-reducing and antioxidant effects. Chlorogenic acid is effective in lowering blood sugar levels as it can reduce the absorption of glucose in the small intestine.

Studies, research:
– 10.5% weight loss:
Joe Vinson and colleagues conducted a study involving 16 people in India, but previously conducted similar studies in France and Japan. Overweight and obese people aged 22-26 years participated in the study. Participants drinking one or two servings of green coffee a day lost an average of 10.5% of their body weight over the six weeks of follow-up, while their body fat decreased by 16%.

Visceral Fat Loss :
– 2006 Research:  Hiroshi Shimoda, Emi Seki, Michio Aitani.
Mice were fed a standard green coffee bean extract diet and its main ingredients, namely caffeine and chlorogenic acid, for 14 days.
The researchers found that green coffee bean extract reduced the amount of visceral, and visceral fat, and body weight, while food consumption did not change.

Lower risk of diabetes:
– Does chlorogenic acid beat it? the excess sugar.
The prestigious trade journal,? The Lancet published a population survey in 2002, which He graduated from 17,000 people. Researchers have found a 50% lower risk of? Diabetes for those? who drink 7 cups of coffee a day, compared to those who drink only two.

Other experimental results:
– Chlorogenic acid has a beneficial effect on the activity of genes that increase the function of liver cells and increases the levels of a hormone called adiponectin, which promotes insulin sensitivity, has anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and anti-atherogenic effects.
– Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Drinking 7 cups of coffee a day is impractical for most people.
This has prompted researchers to find out what sugar-lowering substances coffee contains. The researchers found that the chlorogenic acid content of coffee is primarily responsible for its glucose-lowering effect.

Impressively convincing data:
– A group of Japanese researchers registered a 43% drop in blood sugar levels after administering green coffee bean extract to mice after a hearty meal.
– In a clinical trial in 2011, researchers administered different doses of standardized green coffee bean extract containing 50% chlorogenic acid to 56 people. They were then given 100 g of glucose in a glucose loading study.
In the experiment, the higher the dose of green coffee bean extract, from 100 mg to 400 mg, the greater the blood sugar levels dropped. At the 400 mg dose, there was a 32% reduction in blood sugar levels – two hours after glucose intake. This means that if your blood sugar level is dangerously high after a meal – 8.9 mmol / l, green coffee bean extract will reduce it to 6 mmol / l.

Strong antioxidant property:
In addition to its well-known effects, green coffee also has antioxidant properties due to its high polyphenol content.
Unlike black coffee, green coffee is delivered to the consumer in an unroasted, roasted form, thus retaining its high content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Green coffee extract, gelatin (capsule cover).

Nutrients in the recommended daily intake:

1 capsule 2 capsules
Green coffee
(50% chlorogenic acid)
300 mg 600 mg

Recommended use:
2×1 capsule / day.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
A dietary supplement is no substitute for a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle!

– 30 pcs, 60 pcs.