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Flavitamin Chester C (60pcs)

Flavitamin Chester C (60pcs)


Vitamin C is a new form that stays in the blood longer and is excreted less.


Flavitamin Chester C capsules

– A new form of vitamin C, stays in the blood longer and is excreted less.
– This combination is soluble not only in water but also in fat, so it is more efficient to be absorbed into the cells of the body.
– Also suitable for those whose stomachs are troubled by large amounts of vitamin C, its neutrality prevents stomach irritation.
– Flavonoids, as antioxidants, help to ensure that vitamin C is not used as an antioxidant, but really as a vitamin.

Flavin 7 bioflavonoid complex (red grape seed-husk drying, sorghum seed-husk drying, blackberry seed husk drying, black cherry husk drying, blackcurrant kernel husk drying, redcurrant seed husk drying, plum husk drying, plum husk) L-ascorbate, capsule shell: gelatin.
The capsule can be pulled apart and the contents can be consumed without it.


Nutrients in the recommended daily intake:
Vitamin C 90 mg * NRV 112.5%
Total polyphenols 6.6 mg + – 10%
Of which: – flavonoid 4.7 mg
Of which: – resveratrol 0.0033 mg

* NRV is% of recommended daily intake for adults.

Recommended daily intake:
– 1 capsule / day.

– 60 pcs.