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FlavinHerb Pulmo drink (10x50ml)

FlavinHerb Pulmo drink (10x50ml)


Dietary supplement concentrate with the addition of seven types of herbs with polyphenol / flavonoid content and sweeteners to protect the lungs!
More than 7 ingredients!
400 mg / 10 ml, i.e. 20,000 mg / 500 ml!


Dietary supplement concentrate with the addition of seven types of herbs with polyphenol / flavonoid content and sweeteners to protect the lungs!

What are Flavonoids?
The name flavonoids refers to a group of compounds whose members have a similar chemical backbone and are found mainly in the peel and seeds of fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are produced by plants for their own protection.

It is important to know about the physiological effects of flavonoids, that they act mainly in the digestive and circulatory systems and are absorbed in the intestinal tract. It neutralizes free radicals, ie they have an antioxidant effect, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. They inhibit thrombosis, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls. They have an effect on sootome lesions (mutagenesis) and the process of developing malignancies (carcinogenesis).

They lower LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and blood fat (serum tridlyceride) levels. They have a liver and sunscreen effect. They are anti-inflammatory, prevent long-term complications of diabetes mellitus, and have antiviral, antibacterial effects.

Watch a short introductory video about flavonoids:


How long have we known about Flavonoids?
In 1936, Albert Szent-Györgyi and István Rusznyák were the first to show that two flavonoids (rutin, naringenin) from citrus fruits reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries, which is why rutin was first named vitamin P. Since then, science has isolated thousands of similar compounds.

What are Flavonoids good for?
Flavonoids increase the body’s antioxidant capacity, which can reduce the cell-destroying effects of free radicals. They support the optimal operation of the defense system.

Red grapes can help the vascular system to function optimally, improve circulation. Through its antioxidant properties, it can help protect cells from the destructive effects of free radicals.

Filtered-purified water, sweetener: erythritol, red grape seed husk ground, sorghum seed husk ground, blackberry seed husk ground, black cherry husk ground, blackcurrant husk ground husk ground, redcurrant ground husk ground, redcurrant kernel ground husk dried grits, Thyme dried grits, Spear dried grits, Spear plantain dried grits, Elderflower dried grits, Yarrow dried grits, dye: anthocyanidin (enocyanin), plum peel 95%, E960, REB-A).

Recommended consumption:
– 10-20 ml / day, as well as max. 50 ml daily.

Recommended dilution ratio:
– Mix 10 ml in 1 dl of liquid (water or juice).
– Shake before consumption.

Active ingredients in the recommended daily intake:

10 ml20 ml
Total polyphenols of
which: flavonoid
400 mg
309 mg
800 mg
618 mg

– 50 ml, 10 x 50 ml.