Flavin77 Omega Kid Syrup – Green (250ml)

Flavin77 Omega Kid Syrup – Green (250ml)


Flavonoids to protect our children!
More than 77 ingredients!
500 mg / 10 ml, i.e. 12,500 mg / 250 ml!


Flavonoids to protect our children!

Syrup made for children with 77 high polyphenol / flavonoid content, syrup with cocoa and vanilla and Omega 3, -6, -9 fatty acids with added high content of fruits, flowers, seeds, herbs, spices, roots, leaves and other beneficial ingredients.

Flavonoids found in the plant kingdom have proven their immune-boosting abilities in the human body in countless cases. Most flavonoids may be able to inhibit processes that play a role in the development of cancerous lesions. This can be attributed on the one hand to their antioxidant properties, ie their free radical scavenging and neutralizing effects, and on the other hand to the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of flavonoids. Last but not least, they help with healthy sugar metabolism processes, which can be especially important in curbing the increasing incidence of early obesity and insulin-resistant diabetes in children.

The use of additives and immeasurable amounts of pesticides used by the food industry forces our children’s immune systems to become more active. The results of a 2005 study in the United States (Environmental Working Group) found that 287 types of industrial chemicals and contaminants were found in the umbilical cord blood of born babies. Of the chemicals tested: 180 cause cancer in humans or animals and a total of 217 are toxic to the brain or nervous system.

Saturated fatty acids, which play a key role in the development of the nervous system, have been added to the Omega Kid formulation. These compounds aid in the smooth functioning of interactions between neurons, which can be perfectly demonstrated from the results of small intelligence tests. Omega-3 can help children develop their intellectual abilities better. For example, a study showed that children whose diets were supplemented with adequate amounts of Omega-3 had better problem-solving and concentration abilities, as well as faster perception.
Another study among 8-9 year olds showed that 81% of children who regularly received Omega-3 read better, 67% wrote better, and 74% scored better in math. According to the researchers, the positive changes are due to the improvement of concentration. This in itself can be important for children who are scattered and have difficulty paying attention.

Filtered-purified water, Flavin77 drug mix 77 types of fruits with significant polyphenol / flavonoid content, dried flours of flowers, seeds, herbs, spices, roots, leaves (see details below), hemp seed oil, cocoa powder, vanilla aroma, sweetener: Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni leaf extract (Stevia glycoside 95%, E960). Fruits: Apples, elderberries, juniper berries, lemon peel, rosehip, blueberries, black cherry peel, black currant seed peel, blackberry seed peel, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, blackthorn, orange peel, red currant seed peel, red plum seed, plum -shell.

Acacia, elderflower, cornflower, hawthorn flower, hibiscus flower, sandhopper, chamomile flower, hop flower, blackthorn flower, marigold, lavender, marshmallow flower, orange flower, medical linden flower, rose petal, saffron shrubbery.

Anise seeds, sorghum seeds, lace seeds, sweet cumin, cumin seeds, dill seeds, cardamom seeds, flax seeds, butterfly seeds, milk thistle seeds, mustard seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, red grape seeds.

Medicinal herbs: Burdock, goldenrod, yarrow, lemongrass, willow bark, corn mustache, alfalfa, cherry stem, doctor’s yarrow, scented thyme.

Basil leaf, cinnamon bark, thyme, coriander seeds, oregano leaf, rosemary leaf, green tea, clove flower buds.

Beets, Jerusalem artichokes, licorice, marshmallow root, ginseng root, ginger, catnip.

Peppermint, nettle, dandelion leaf, hops, birch leaves, sage.

Polyphenol / flavonoid content:
– 50 000 mg / liter. Nutritional value and active ingredients:

10 ml
Energy content 640.39 KJ
(141.22 kcal)
Protein (g) 0.75
Carbohydrate (g) 2.31
– of which sugar (g) 1.96
Fat (g) 0.6
– of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0.2
– of which unsaturated fatty acids (g) 0.4
Rost (g) 0.9
Sodium (g) 0.02

– between 10-20 ° C, after opening only in the refrigerator, please do not eat or drink in it, fill the amount you want to consume in a separate glass. It does not contain a preservative, so fermentation from the digestive aids in the mouth can start in the bottle.

Recommended consumption:
– 10 ml / day max. 20 ml / day. Polyphenol / flavonoid content 50,000 mg / liter.
– Based on the composition, it is up to everyone to decide how old to give to their child, just as everyone decides for themselves how old to give fruit to. It does not contain preservatives or other harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

– 250 ml.