Crystal Complex Hepatop Forte Capsules (100pcs)

Crystal Complex Hepatop Forte Capsules (100pcs)


An effective solution for everyday poisons!
Increased active ingredient content!


An effective solution for everyday poisons!

The liver plays a central role in the metabolism of the body, our largest glandular organ, weighing 1.2-1.5 kg in adults. Of all the functions of the liver, detoxification is undoubtedly the most important. It also has a permanent storage role. Its importance is also proved by the fact that it is located in the ribbed basket in the most protected place of our body. In addition to detoxification, it cleans the incoming blood from the remnants of broken down red blood cells, from which it produces bile dye (bilirubin), which it secretes with the bile (without which there would be no fat metabolism in our body).

The regenerative capacity of the liver is enormous, making it very difficult to destroy, but for those who try hard, they tend to succeed over time.
Unfortunately, in addition to the many sprays used on plants and fruits, the breakdown of additives in processed meats also puts a strain on liver cells.

General symptoms of liver disease:
Depression, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, bloating, dull feeling or pain under the right rib arch, nausea, nausea, fever, abnormal laboratory results.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths from liver disease and cirrhosis in Europe ranks 18th in the order of death. However, the relative risk of chronic liver disease in Hungary is 7.4 times higher for men and 6.2 times higher than for women in the European Union.

The five components:
– Protects liver cells.
– Helps hepatocyte regeneration.
– Reduces the chances of developing cirrhosis and fatty liver.

Choline is one of the most important so-called lipotropic substances. These take care of the processing and removal of fat molecules in the liver and elsewhere. Without choline, fat accumulates dangerously in the liver and fatty liver develops.

St. John’s wort extract / Sylimarin: St. John’s wort
extract can be used to prevent and treat acute and chronic liver damage (alcoholism, hepatitis, etc.). Sylimarin protects the liver from toxic substances, slows liver damage, accelerates tissue regeneration and helps prevent further damage.

The hepatoprotective importance of the molecule Resveratrol is well known in the world of science because of its ability to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the liver. Mainly by reducing lipogenesis and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.
– World Journal of Gastroenterology June 21, 2014

Phyllanthus amarus:
An experiment on ethanol liver damage in in vivo rats in Ireland in 2007 demonstrated that Phyllanthus amarus has the potential to significantly improve damaged liver tissue regeneration and help normalize known liver function values.

The 52% fiber content of baobab is outstandingly high among fruits. Thanks to its high fiber content, it supports digestion and helps detoxify the intestinal tract.
It contains water-soluble and water-insoluble fibers in half.
Most of the water-soluble fibers are used as prebiotics in the body as the bacteria in the colon begin to break down, thus serving as nutrients to these beneficial bacteria.

Its outstanding antioxidant ability is mainly due to its high natural vitamin C content. It has been shown to be a more effective antioxidant than kiwi, strawberries or oranges.
In 100g of fruit flesh approx. There are 6 oranges of vitamin C.

It is a high quality complex food supplement that also contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and plant fibers.

Why is baobabs considered a superfruit?
– It has six times as much vitamin C as oranges.
– There is more than twice as much calcium in fruit flesh as in cow’s milk.
– Contains more iron than spinach.
– Potassium content is higher than that of bananas or apricots.
– There is more magnesium in baobabs than e.g. in apples, peaches, apricots or bananas.

The vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in baobabs help meet the body’s daily needs, and the fibers in it support the functioning of the digestive and immune systems.

Phyllanthus amarus ground, baobab ground, choline bitartrate, St. John’s wort extract (Sylimarin), Polygonum cuspidatum gomom extract (Resveratrol), gelatin (capsule coating), dye: titanium dioxide (capsule coating).

Active ingredients in the recommended daily intake:

1 capsule 3 capsules
Baobab grind 100 mg 300 mg
Kolin 98 mg 294 mg
Sylimarin 45.6 mg 136.8 mg
Resveratrol 48.46 mg 145.38 mg
Phyllanthus amarus ground 174.55 mg 523.65 mg

Recommended daily intake:
– 3×1 capsules / day.

– 100 capsules.