Crystal Complex Enomin capsule (100pcs)

Crystal Complex Enomin capsule (100pcs)


Come back for healthy and beautiful legs!


Returns against healthy and beautiful legs!

The incidence of varicose veins has been significantly underestimated by patients, even with clearly visible symptoms. The vast majority of patients only see a doctor if they already have significant varicose veins problems, although the best way to slow down the venous process is to start treatment as early as possible.

Therapeutic options for treating varicose veins can be divided into several major groups. These include compression (stockings, socks and bandages), medication / dietary supplementation, topical treatment, and surgery.
Well-chosen, complex therapy can, on the one hand, reduce painful, torturous complaints, reduce visible symptoms, and prevent the disease from getting worse.

There are flavonoids that have in common the enhancement of venous tone, the protection of microvessels.

Some  reduce swelling of the foot , preventing the development of edema. Others bind free radicals or  inhibit venous inflammation , possibly protecting the vessel wall.

The  venoaktív flavonoids  in the blood circulation of the smallest to the largest veins, and the surface altogether  reach the deep vein too .

Their use, which is started early when the complaints appear, can slow down the worsening of varicose veins and reduce the chances of developing more serious consequences (swelling of the feet, skin complications).

Main ingredients:

Strengthens the capillaries and therefore reduces the symptoms of bleeding. It can help with varicose complaints and, like ferulic acid, reduce the cytotoxicity of oxidized LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.


This flavanone glycoside is found primarily in the peel and fibers of citrus fruits. Like Routine, it reduces the permeability of blood vessels and has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, lipid-lowering, vascular protective and anti-cancer effects. It is also used in hemorrhagic disorders, among others.

Its mechanism of action is characterized by enhanced venous tone and lymphatic flow. It reduces vascular hyperpermeability and increases capillary resistance. It has a beneficial effect on the relationship between leukocytes and endothelial cells in experimental models.

Bitter Orange Extract (Diosmin), Flavin7 Bioflavonoid Complex (Red Grape Seed-Peel Drying, Sorghum Seed-Peel Drying, Blackberry Seed-Peel Drying, Black Cherry Peel Drying, Blackcurrant Seed Peel Drying, Red Currant Seed Peel Drying, Red dried, apple peel dried), Bitter orange extract (Hesperidin), Sophora Japonica L. extract (Rutin), gelatin (capsule coating).

Active ingredients in the recommended daily intake:

3 capsules 6 capsules
Diosmin 810 mg 1620 mg
Hesperidin 135 mg 270 mg
Routine 142.5 285 mg
Total polyphenols:
Of which: – flavonoid
3.33 mg + – 10%
2.33 mg
6.66 mg + – 10%
4.66 mg

Suggested use:

– 3×1 capsules / day, as well as max. 3×2 capsules / day. Swallow with plenty of water.


– 100 capsules.