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Cansawin Digesfix capsules (100pcs)

Cansawin Digesfix capsules (100pcs)


Useful hemp, a good foundation for health!
The way to the health of the digestive system is through nutrition!


Cansawin Digesfix capsules:
– Antitumor effect.
– Digestive mucosal protection.
– Pancreatic support.
– Intestinal flora health.
– Against gout.
– Inflammation inhibition.

Gastrointestinal disorders:

– Reflux.
– Ulcerative diseases.
– Absorption disorders.
– Inflammatory bowel disease.
– Octopus.
– Malignant lesions.

Dried hemp seeds / Cannabis sativa seeds:

It lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helps prevent cardiovascular problems, lowers blood pressure. In case of obesity, it helps to restore the ideal body weight, empties the body of excess fat. Strengthens the immune system. Stimulating brain function (protein replacement in the brain).

The proteins in hemp seeds contain all 8 essential amino acids that are essential for life and easy to digest.
Hemp seed is an ideal source of all essential fatty acids such as e.g. omega-3 fatty acids, also known as alpha-linolenic acid, and omega-6 fatty acids, i.e. linoleic acid.
Hemp seeds also contain significant amounts of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has a serious therapeutic effect.

Positive effects of hemp seed:
– Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels,
helps prevent cardiovascular problems, lowers blood pressure.
– In case of obesity, it helps to restore the ideal body weight,
empties the body of excess fat.
– Strengthens the immune system.
– Stimulating brain function (protein replacement in the brain).

– Inhibits the vascularization of tumor cells.
– Inhibition of metastasis.
– Promotes cell death in colon cancer cells.
– Prevents octopus formation.
– Activates T cells.
– Anti-inflammatory .

Apigenin, belonging to the class of flavonoids, is found in some fruits and vegetables such as onions, oranges, green tea, celery, artichokes, parsley.
Several studies on apigenin have concluded that apigenin may stimulate apoptosis, or cell death, in colon cancer cells.
May inhibit colon tumor growth.

One clinical study evaluated the effects of apigenin and EGCG (an important component of green tea) on the body after surgical removal of colon cancer. One group of observers took apigenin (20 mg) and EGCG (20 mg) for 2–5 years, while the control group did not. Based on the results, there was no recurrence of colon cancer in the treated group, while recurrence was 20% in the control group. Furthermore, the development of polyps that generally preceded colon cancer was only 7% in the treated group compared to 27% in the control group.

Alfalfa sprouts:

– No fruit or vegetable contains this much enzyme that is essential for digestion!
– Helps with arthritis, rheumatism.
“Traditionally, the Arabs first cultivated alfalfa about two thousand years ago and called it the father of all food.
– In folk medicine, it was called a cure for those suffering from gout. Today, we also know that plant estrogen content is also important.
– It helps maintain the acid-base balance, thus inhibiting the development of gout, reduces arthritis and rheumatic complaints.

– Natural plant hormones.
– Succinic acid.
– Chlorophyll.
– Vitamins (A, C, B12, D, E, K, P).
– Minerals Ca, P, Mg, Mn, Fe, K. (Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Potassium).

– The alkaline effect of alfalfa dissolves uric acid from the joints, with regular consumption, it helps with arthritis and rheumatism.
– May have a milk-stimulating effect in breast-feeding mothers.
– Due to its L-succinic acid content, it helps maintain connective tissue elasticity.

Red cabbage germ:


– British scientists say the substances in cabbage are effective in reducing the risk of developing colon cancer, among many cabbage consumers.
– Strengthens bones.

– Ascorbigen.
– Glucosylonates.
– The calcium content is the same as the calcium content of milk.
– Contains enzymes that block tumor growth.
– An ulcer healing compound, vitamin U.
– Indolt, which is a potential antidote to cancer growth.
– Plant antioxidants, flavonoids.

– A group of compounds called glucosylonates prevents the development of cancer.
– It is mentioned as the most effective plant in the fight against esophageal, gastric, colon and rectal cancers, it can also play an extremely important role in the fight against lung, prostate and bladder cancers.
– Prevents the growth of hormone-dependent tumors (such as breast cancer and certain types of wine).
– Strengthens bones, teeth, lymph glands.

Hedgehog (Hericium erinaceus), lion mushroom or stalactite:

– Scientific experiments have shown that polysaccharides and polypeptides in syndrome inhibit the growth of sarcoma-180 malignancies.
Chinese researchers QY Yang and SC Jong of the United States have reached a similar conclusion: the components of the synagogue inhibit the formation of malignancies caused by sarcoma-180 and Erlich-Ascites carcinoma by inhibiting DNA and RNA synthesis in cancer cells.
– Further experiments have shown that the fungus can be used successfully to treat gastric ulcer, gastritis.
– Formulations made from compressed juice concentrate have been shown to be effective in the treatment of oesophageal and gastric or gastrointestinal ulcers. It has been a medicine in China since 1977.
– The positive effect of this fungal species on the immune system cannot be neglected either.

Research has shown:
– Its anti-inflammatory effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.
– Effects of esophagus, stomach cancer, bowel cancer and ulcers.
– Anti-cancer effect.
– The helper effect of the immune system.
– It can play an important role in improving memory.

Vitamin K2:
– Healthy intestinal flora.
– Mucosal protection.
– Calcium incorporation.
– Cardiovascular effects:
It has long been thought that human gut bacteria produce enough vitamin K. Today, this has become doubtful, with measurements not confirming that a significant amount of vitamin K produced by intestinal bacteria would be produced and absorbed. Calcification of blood vessels and soft tissues is mainly caused by a lack of vitamin K. Analyzing the cardiovascular effects of vitamin K, it has now become clear that adequate vitamin K intake slows or even reverses the calcification of blood vessels and the heart.
– The role of vitamin K in osteoporosis:
Osteoporosis is usually caused by low calcium intake and increases calcium intake in people with osteoporosis. However, this results in increased soft tissue and cardiovascular calcification. In recent years, several studies have shown that increased calcium supplementation, with or without vitamin D, increases the risk of cardiovascular death by 10-20%. Strangely, medical research lacks synthesizing minds that can simultaneously see the one-way results of osteoporosis, vitamin D research, and vitamin K research. Researchers always deal only with their own narrow field.
Vitamin K appears to be the next vitamin to play a vital role in preventing cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Vitamin U:
– Inhibition of gastric and intestinal ulcers.
– Cell regeneration.
– Helps detoxify.
– Relieves hemorrhagic complaints.
– Inflammation of the pancreas.

From a nutritional point of view, the gastrointestinal tract is considered one of the most important organs in the body. A healthy digestive system is the key to achieving optimal health, poor digestion can cause several seemingly independent problems. Healthy eating and stomach health are therefore closely linked.

Dried hemp seed meal, Hedgehog (Hericium erinaceus) meal, Vitamin U (DL-methylmethionine sulfonium chloride), Red cabbage germ meal, Alfalfa germ meal, Chamomile flower extract (apigenin 98%), Vitamin K2 (Mena ), capsule shell: gelatin, colorant: titanium dioxide.
The capsule can be pulled apart and the contents can be consumed without it.

Active ingredient in daily intake:

2 capsules
Hemp seeds200 mg
Syngomba200 mg
Vitamin U200 mg
Sprouts of red cabbage176.7 mg
Alfalfa sprouts176.7 mg
Apigenin39.2 mg
Vitamin K266 *g * NRV 88%

* NRV is the recommended daily intake for adults.

Suggested use:
– 2×1 capsules / day, as well as a maximum of 2×2 capsules / day as needed and needed.

– 100 capsules.