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Bromelain Intenzyme capsules (250pcs)

Bromelain Intenzyme capsules (250pcs)


Bromelain – for the healing body!
A universal enzyme that meets the needs of our body.


Bromelain  – for the healing body!
A universal enzyme that meets the needs of our body.

Pineapple (Ananas comosus), a plant belonging to the battle of Bromeliads. The fruit and stem of the pineapple plant contain an enzyme called bromelain.

Bromelain is a protein-degrading enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties that has been used for a variety of therapeutic purposes since the 1950s, from sports injuries to heart disease.

They are commonly used by:
– Those who consciously pay attention to maintaining their shape and weight are ideal to consume the capsule, thus contributing to the effectiveness of a weight-loss diet.
– Pineapple (Ananas sativus) contains a natural enzyme called bromelain in a high concentrate that promotes protein breakdown. Bromelanine is a protein-degrading enzyme derived from pineapple production.
– To reduce minor injuries and bruises, to help with wound healing and recovery after surgery, to reduce mucus production in case of bronchitis, to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Effects of bromelain:
– Helps protein digestion, accelerates muscle regeneration.
– It has a probiotic effect, strengthens our body’s defense system, and increases the production of immune cells.
– It can reduce the risk of developing a second heart attack by helping to prevent platelets from clumping together, dissolving fibrin, a protein that can lead to blood clots.
– It can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and prevent cancer cells from dividing.
It has been shown to promote the production of anti-cancer compounds.
– It can be effective in treating varicose veins. In dilated vessels, there is little plasminogen activator required for the natural degradation of fibrin. Bromelain has a similar effect and prevents the skin from losing its elasticity in the environment of varicose veins.
– Its anti-inflammatory effect has also been reported in rheumatoid arthritis.
– Used as a natural painkiller p1. in osteoathritis.
– Due to its anti-secretory effect, significant improvement has also been observed in acute sinusitis following bromelain therapy.
– Bromelain also reduces the level of circulating immune complexes in the body, which has a beneficial effect in multiple sclerosis, for example.

Dried pineapple powder, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), bromelain enzyme, capsule coating: gelatin.
The capsule can be pulled apart and the contents can be consumed without it.

Recommended dosage:
– 3×1 capsules / day.

Pack sizes:
– 100 capsules, 250 capsules.