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AppleFitt capsules (120pcs)

AppleFitt capsules (120pcs)


The eight most effective slimming agents in one box!


The eight most effective slimming agents in one box!

Apples are peeled by many, though they shouldn’t, they have a special substance in their peel that has a fat-burning effect, helping with muscle building and weight loss as well.

Experts at the University of Lowai have been able to identify a natural active ingredient that can provide protection against obesity and the problems associated with it.
Animal studies have shown that ursolic acid, which is found in relatively large amounts in apple peel, increases the amount of brown adipose tissue and muscle tissue in the body with good fat-burning properties.

Key Ingredients:

Uric Acid:

One of the most valuable compounds in apple peel is urolic acid, which also increases brown adipose tissue, which is an excellent calorie burner.

Experts at the University of Iowa have been able to identify a natural active ingredient that can provide protection against obesity and the problems associated with it. Animal studies have shown that ursolic acid, which is found in relatively large amounts in apple peel but is also found in elderflower, oregano, thyme and basil, increases the amount of brown adipose tissue and muscle tissue in the body with good fat-burning properties. The beneficial effects of ursolic acid are not unknown to the researchers, as previous studies have already demonstrated the muscle-building and muscle-strengthening, as well as cardioprotective and anti-cancer effects of the compound. The present study therefore sought to answer the question of how ursolic acid affects the metabolism of mice fed a high-fat diet, according to an article in the journal PLOS ONE.Specialists fed the experimental mice for several weeks with a fat-rich diet, but half of the rodents also received ursolic acid as a dietary supplement. Interestingly, mice that also consumed urzolic acid ate more than the other group, yet gained less fat, and their blood sugar levels remained close to normal and they did not develop fatty liver.

A fat-burning miracle weapon?
Because muscles burn calories well, increased muscle mass due to ursolic acid can process more energy – which may explain the weight loss, the study’s leader said. In addition, the natural compound also increased the amount of brown adipose tissue, also known as the “miracle weapon” of fat burning, which also promoted weight loss.
Brown adipose tissue was previously thought to occur exclusively in infancy and childhood, disappearing from the body during growth. However, modern imaging procedures have shown that it is also found in the adult body, namely in the area between the neck and shoulder blades, albeit in small amounts. In addition, brown adipose tissue has been shown to increase in weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Recent research has found further evidence that increasing skeletal muscle and brown adipose tissue may result in weight loss due to increased calorie burning. Because ursolic acid, as a natural active ingredient, achieves just this muscle-building effect, researchers are now trying to find out if ursolic acid can have the same effect in the human body.

Vitamin U:
Reduces blood serum fat and cholesterol levels, inhibits and cures gastric ulcers and helps intestinal mucosa regenerate.

– Anti-inflammatory effect primarily in the gastrointestinal tract.
– Able to regenerate mucosal damage and deficiencies of the digestive system.
– Helps the liver remove harmful metabolites.

– Among vegetables, cabbage is worth highlighting, about which Dr. Garnett Cheney has published several scientific publications. The essence of the publication is that patients with gastric or duodenal ulcers who consumed fresh cabbage juice daily recovered significantly faster than would otherwise be the case.
“Dr. Garnett Cheney identified an active ingredient in cabbage that he called vitamin U. Vitamin U helped the mucous membrane to regenerate, thus reducing the time required for ulcers to heal by a third or a quarter.
– Although this substance (S-methylmethionine) is not a vitamin according to the classical definition, the name vitamin U has been retained in the ordinary language, referring to the first letter in the Latin and English names of the ulcer.
– In the first publications, the participants drank 1 liter of fresh cabbage juice a day, which is not a small task to tell the truth, as it is a rather strange tasting drink compared to the tastes of the average diet.
– Mixing cabbage juice with other vegetable juices (eg celery) helps to break the monotony.

The most important compound in licorice, which promotes the efficient breakdown of visceral fats.
– Antioxidant effect, free radical scavenging effect.
– Blood glucose lowering effect.
– Anti-Heliobacter pylori effect.
– Effect against Mycobacterum tuberculosa.
– Melanin inhibitor, anti-inflammatory effect.
– Anti-osteoporotic effect.
– Memory protection effect.
– Antifungal effect.

– This study investigated the effect of glabridin on total body fat and visceral fat in overweight subjects. The study included 56 men and 28 postmenopausal women aged 40 to 60 years with a body mass index (BMI) of 24 to 30 kg / m2.
– Subjects’ caloric intake did not change significantly after 4 and 8 weeks of treatment, respectively. Subjects in the 9 mg glabridin group experienced a significant decrease in body weight and body mass index from baseline. The change in body weight and body mass index was much higher in both the 3, 6, 9 mg glabridin groups than in the placebo group. CT scans showed that their visceral fat mass was significantly reduced from baseline.
– There was a significant decrease in total and LDL cholesterol levels in the group consuming the 9 mg glabridin extract. The glabridin formulation lowers LDL cholesterol in patients with high cholesterol.

Chlorogenic Acid:
The best known polyphenol in green coffee, which is known to burn fat, reduce hunger, and regulate blood sugar.

– One of the main components of green coffee is chlorogenic acid, which is also known to have fat-burning, hunger-reducing and antioxidant effects.
– Chlorogenic acid is effective in lowering blood sugar levels as it can reduce the absorption of glucose in the small intestine.

– Joe Vinson and colleagues conducted a study involving 16 people in India but have previously conducted similar studies in France and Japan.
– Overweight or obese people aged 22-26 years participated in the study.
– Participants who drank one or two servings of green coffee a day lost an average of 10.5% of their body weight over the six weeks of follow-up, while their body fat decreased by 16%.
2006 research: Hiroshi Shimoda, Emi Seki, Michio Aitani:
– Mice were fed a diet containing standard green coffee bean extract and its main ingredients, namely caffeine and chlorogenic acid for 14 days.
– The researchers found that green coffee bean extract reduced the amount of visceral (visceral) fat and body weight, while food consumption did not change.

Hedgehog: Its
anti-inflammatory ability is especially evident in gastrointestinal diseases. Its consumption helps to regenerate the entire mucosal tissue, thus facilitating the healthy absorption of nutrients.

– Anti-inflammatory effect on gastrointestinal mucosa – esophagus, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer and ulcer.
– Anti-cancer effect.
– Immune system helper.

A large body of literature data is available describing studies on the nutritionally relevant content values ​​of the synagogue. The most important property of Hericium erinaceus is its versatile pharmacological effect. The countries of the Far East are also ahead of us in this respect, with many other fungal species having a tradition of using hedgehogs in medicine.

Scientific experiments have shown that polysaccharides and polypeptides in the synagogue inhibit the growth of sarcoma-180-induced malignancies. Chinese researchers QY Yang and SC Jong of the United States have reached a similar conclusion: the components of the synagogue inhibit the formation of malignancies caused by sarcoma-180 and Erlich-Ascites carcinoma by inhibiting DNA and RNA synthesis in cancer cells. Further experiments have shown that the fungus can be used successfully to treat gastric ulcer, gastritis. Formulations made from compressed juice concentrate have been shown to be effective in the treatment of esophageal and gastric or gastrointestinal ulcers. It has been a medicine in China since 1977. The positive effect of this fungal species on the immune system cannot be neglected either.The hedgehog is not a rare species in the Far East (in contrast to European conditions). Initially, fruiting bodies collected in nature were utilized.

Adequate stabilization of the spatial structure of insulin is dependent on the presence of zinc. Thus, it plays an indirect role in the regulation of blood sugar levels, which is another component of the body’s complex metabolic state.

It regulates the process of hormone synthesis, thus indirectly influencing the proper functioning of the hormonal system. The formation of healthy sperm is also bound to zinc. On the one hand, it directly affects their formation, and on the other hand, it neutralizes the possible harmful effects of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium on sperm formation. In addition, zinc also protects the body from other harmful effects of these heavy metals, meaning that it also has a general detoxifying role.


Chromium is one of the most important minerals and plays an essential role in metabolic processes, which is why it is also a good friend of dieters. This micronutrient affects the action of the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels and promotes cellular glucose uptake.

– Chromium affects the way a hormone called insulin works, which regulates blood sugar levels.
– As we age, our bodies will have less and less chromium and in an emergency, unfortunately, this can lead to diabetes. Of course, if we have a constant feeling of hunger, we eat often, we want sweets many times and in large quantities, then it is worth looking at whether there is enough chromium in our body. These are the symptoms of chromium deficiency.
– It is also important to note that after consuming a lot of sugar, the level of chromium in the body drops thoroughly.
– Chromium has other important properties, including stimulating metabolic processes, accelerating protein synthesis and increasing the body’s ability to perform.
– It also effectively contributes to the effectiveness of diets with a proper diet and a little exercise. Athletes who received a chromium dietary supplement lost 3.2 kg of body fat in a six-week experiment, but those who were not given chromium, only 1 kg.

Apple peel:
In addition to its high pectin content, it acts as a ballast in the digestive system and helps to get rid of harmful deposits on the intestinal tract.

– When fasting, apples are an ideal food because they provide your body with all the vital nutrients and, thanks to its pectin content, eliminate hunger.
– In addition, this ballast binds toxins excreted during digestion and cleanses the intestines, as well as lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Rosemary extract (urzolic acid), green coffee ground (chlorogenic acid max. 5%), DL-methylmethionine sulfonium chloride (vitamin U), syncome (Hericium erinaceus) ground, apple peel ground, Glycyrrhizia glabra extract (glabridin 40 %), zinc acetate, chromium (III) chloride, capsule shell: gelatin, capsule dye: titanium dioxide.

Active ingredients in the recommended daily intake:

1 capsule
Rosemary extract
– of which urzolic acid
100 mg
25 mg
Green coffee grounds100 mg
Vitamin U100 mg
Syngium (Hericium erinaceus) meal100 mg
Apple peel ground80 mg
Glabridin 40% (Glycyrrhizia glabra extract)3 mg
Zinc0.7 mg * NRV 7%
Chromium0.007 mg * NRV 17%

* NRV is% of recommended daily intake for adults.

Suggested use:

– 2×2 capsules / day.

– 120 pcs.