In the case of returning customers, only those who enter the customer code in our system correctly in the comment or customer code field can participate in the Loyal Customer discounts!

Customer Code – Identification Code:

You will receive this six-digit code when ordering (over HUF 30,000, details below).
It will appear on the invoice in the package you ordered, with this code number you can place your future orders. This entitles you to loyalty discounts.
We will also send you your Customer Code by e-mail in the future to avoid misunderstandings. If you do not enter a customer code when ordering, you will not be eligible for discounts.


Orders can be validated with or without registration, regardless of the amount limit!
Customer code and thus a discount is provided to the customer only in case of a single and lump sum order over HUF 30,000.

Becoming a regular customer (for customers who do not have a customer code yet):

Lump sum purchase amount: over HUF 30,000.
A registered customer whose order exceeds the HUF 30,000 limit once (at any time) automatically receives a customer code or is entitled to a discount based on the following (registration).

Registration / order over 30,000 HUF :

If your order total exceeds:
30,000 HUF, then you are 15% of the total amount of your order, if it is
70,000 HUF, then you are 20% of the total amount of your order, if it is
120,000 HUF, then your order
receive a 25% discount on the total amount in the month following the purchase, in the form of a redeemable discount.

– If you order for HUF 30,001 in January, you will receive a HUF 4,500 redeemable discount in February.
– If you order for HUF 70,001 in January, you will receive a HUF 14,000 discount in February.
– If you order for HUF 120,001 in January, you will receive a HUF 30,000 discount in February.

Loyal Customer (for customers with Customer Code):

Loyal customers who already have a customer code are entitled to a 10% discount on orders over HUF 20,000, which they can purchase from the month following the purchase.
For example, if you buy for HUF 20,000 in January, you will receive a HUF 2,000 redeemable discount in February, which will be automatically deducted from the final amount of your next order.

Discount (for customers with a customer code):

If you buy more than HUF 20,000 within a given month (this can be multiple orders, orders within that month add up), you are entitled to a discount in the month following your purchase, which can be redeemed for 4 months, then automatically canceled.
The discount is 10% of the order amount. The redeemable discount can be used in several parts. The redeemable discount can be applied for a maximum of 70% of the purchase amount. The redeemable discount can also be used in promotions.

Other extra sales commissions (in addition to the 10% discount):

Bonus points add up within a given month.
1 bonus point = HUF 295.
Over 300 bonus points 12%.
15% over 700 bonus points.
Over 1,500 bonus points 18%.
Over 3,200 bonus points 21%.
Over 6,400 bonus points 24%.
Over 12,500 bonus points 27%.

Shipping cost, in case of discount:

There is no delivery cost for orders over HUF 15,000. The amount of the order must exceed HUF 15,000 without deducting the discount in order for the delivery to be free.
Eg: If your order is HUF 15,001, the discount is HUF 1,000, then the amount to be paid will be HUF 14,001, there is no delivery cost.

Forgotten but existing code number:

If you have already ordered and forgot your code number, you can inquire at the following e-mail address:
Write your name, address and telephone number in the letter.

99% of the products on the website participate in the loyalty program. Participating products have the following indication: “Product participating in the Loyalty Program”.